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There's just no pleasing you.

Remember, to love is to live.

This journal is filled with random things. I can't even tag some of my posts or put a subject on it because they're all filled with gibberish. Mostly fangirling over the current obsession, usually depending on which television shows are on. As of 01.09.10, Merlin takes front and center. I'm also trying to learn Spanish, so that will be part of some posts too.

Biggest and year-long obsession is tennis though. I try to limit it to my twitter, but posts will still have some/a lot of tennis. Mostly Rafa Nadal and the ATP, but I do try to follow the WTA sometimes.

I used to be involved in graphics, but new stuff has dwindled over the years. If and when I do post, it will probably be here or on metamorfozis.

Almost 95% of my posts are public, and only those I feel that are really personal are the ones friends-locked. If you want to friend, you can tell me about it in one of the posts. I love to meet new people and friends, but obviously it would be nice if we actually had something in common and not just so you can have more people on your list. Because I do try to keep up with mine
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