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it's hot and humid and ARGH

I think I have been watching too much Criminal Minds -- whenever I wake up in the middle of the night and then try to go back to sleep, random scary crime scenes flash quickly in my head.

So I have an exam for Spanish class this Friday. I only feel slightly nervous and I don't even feel like studying. You'd think I'm prepared right? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I still don't have a good grasp of the difference between pretérito indefinido & imperfecto, and when I should be using them. I was actually really depressed about this last level and didn't want to continue because I felt stupid. And I need to pass this exam, or I wouldn't be able to go to the next level.

And yet I'm not even panicking!!! Maybe I will tomorrow?

10 Things I Hate About You
Is the universe trying to tell me something? Last week's Glee involved weight, and now this week in his show it tackled eating disorders/eating properly. But hey, I love that it felt a lot like high school. I mean, with shows like Gossip Girl, I sometimes forget that they're only in high school, with all the stuff they get into.

Can they not un-cancel this show?

Gossip Girl
I don't like how things are going down in the Van Der Woodsen front, but I am so HAPPY we got some semblance of old!Blair back! I like the changes with her character, how she's kinda mellowed down and actually maturing, but they didn't have to make her pathetic. Nice to see how Chuck/Blair mend in their own ways.

And why be on the brink of being awesome, Jenny, when most of the season I wanted nothing but to slap you straight to Pluto?

You know, I may have to get one of those additional userpics packages. I need space for more awesome. But I don't have any more money! :( I spent most of it on that damn dress for the wedding, then books, and now I still have to worry about another upcoming beach getaway. Merp.

Glee's version of 4 Minutes is so much superior.

what's been happening?

I don't know how, but I feel like I've had a busy week. And counting last week, that makes it two. I have to be honest, I haven't even been able to check my flist. It's all been school, papers for possible job, and trying not to fall behind with rp. Oh, and seeing doctors and getting therapy for my shoulders. After trying to fix it by myself, it seems I just denied the inevitable. I'm just really annoyed-slash-sad that this thing never seems to permanently go away. So now I have to go to the hospital three times a week for an hour of therapy for what may possible just come back again in the future. I need to figure out how to prevent this from happening again and again.

With that, I may be taking a break from Spanish classes. On one hand, I don't want to stop because I want to keep my classmates (after whining about them, I'm actually good friends with them hah), but on the other hand, I'm just a little burnt out from the six-hour sleep nights four times a week. So I am sort of halfway decided on taking a break for one level (that's three weeks free) then go back for level 7, provided I pass this level.

I'm still waiting on news on that job. I'm trying not to get too excited, so I'm working on just praying about it and not talking about it. :D

Wow, I thought I had so much else to say, but it seems it's time for this week's TV?

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I've been doing nothing but TV and trying to catch up with sleep that I haven't watched/talked a lot about tennis! I feel...wrong. Heh. :D

it didn't feel busy...

I'm wondering why it took me forever to make another post. It didn't seem to have been a busy week...but I started my Spanish classes again last Thursday, and I definitely had stuff for the latter part of last week.

Día del Libro last Saturday! It was my first. I signed up to be a volunteer, but apparently since there were too many volunteers, they prioritized those who went two Saturdays ago to the poetry readings. I deliberately missed that because poetry? Not my thing. Call me ignorant, but I prefer my literature in prose form. So anyway, I went to watch a movie, Una casa de locos, looked at the books they had on sale (those from the bookstores were their usual expensive ones, and the cheap ones were coffee table books), ate Paella Valenciana and callos al lado de la piscina while listening to the Spanish music they had playing on the speakers. I wanted to see what would be going on for the Fiesta Latina, but I had to leave because I had a cell group meeting at church.

Speaking of Spanish related stuff -- so my class started last Thursday, and I was so pissed they are making us walk for 5-10 minutes under the hot weather just so we could get to our classrooms. See, there's this government program where public school teachers are getting basic Spanish classes so they could, in turn, teach their students in the coming school year. So the classrooms at the Instituto were all used for the teachers, while we, the loyal students who most probably paid the whole price for the curriculum, were relegated to some other place that had not-so-clean bathrooms, not-so-pleasant classrooms, and WORST OF ALL IS THE WALKING. The heat here is going as high as 36 deg Celsius, and I'm just annoyed that we weren't informed about this arrangement before enrollment. Because I wouldn't have enrolled if I had to friggin' walk in the heat.

I also may have a new job, but I don't want to talk much about it, just in case it falls through again. But I have faith in Him. So that's the other thing that has kept me busy, all the papers and schtuff.

I am now also BROKE. I can't stop myself from buying books. :( I have three new books, plus some other ones that I bought wayyyy before but haven't read yet, and I want to start reading but I keep having difficulty finding the time.


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My Vampire Diaries was fucked. Blehhh.

And I'm still trying to catch up with Criminal Minds. I'm only halfway season 3. :(

no i didn't die

Been a while! I did promise to myself to keep up with journaling though. And I have been reading my flist, although I have a habit for procrastinating on replies (I even procrastinate on replies how about that), so if I suddenly reply to an old post of yours, you know why. :D I also have the habit of putting off making a post thinking I have nothing good to say, and things tend to pile up and then I make long posts. Merp.

Anyway! Next week I'll be going with my mum to her best friend's daughter's wedding. It's a pretty classy affair since senators are invited (and the couple don't even know these people personally; it's just the guy's dad is a high-ranking government worker, hence all those 'big names') although I'm pretty confused with the dress code. It said evening wear for ladies and coat and tie for men, but the wedding is at 2:30 in the afternoon. So I don't know if that meant a long dress or a short, cocktail-like dress. I don't want to overdress since I'm just a guest (heck, I'm not even close to the bride even if we've known each other since we were young) but I don't want to be underdressed either! Help?

And I need advice on another matter -- see, I've been rostered at this agency since...forever, and I'm one of the 'premium candidates' for whenever an employer from the UK comes along. It's been almost five months and nothing. I've also been praying regularly for a job, and I was even specific: somewhere south of Englad, somewhat near London, because most of my friends live there (or in the south west). Last week, my friends from my old job told me about a coming employer from another agency. I grabbed the opportunity, and two days ago, got interviewed and got the job.

So I had to go back to the other agency to get my passport (I still left my other original papers there though) and yesterday when I was there, I was told there was an employer coming on the 25th and I am lined up for interview. I didn't have the guts to say "sorry, but I already got in", although they knew that I have been applying in other places. It's just that this agency was totally helpful and assisted me (and all other candidates) with obtaining my NMC decision letter, (without which I wouldn't be able to work as a nurse in the UK) whereas this agency that I recently had an interview with aren't really that helpful to my friends who are trying to get theirs. The first agency guided me -- told me what papers I needed to pass and they shouldered all the courier fees; I didn't have to pay a thing.

Now this hospital I got employed isn't 100% sure, in the sense that I still need to await for medical clearance. But besides that, it's pretty much good to go. I don't know what to tell the other agency, and if I somehow don't end up leaving (again), I don't know if that first agency would still take me back.

Okay, so I think this has been pretty long. I'm sorry! Other stuff going on is that I finished Spanish class for nivel 5 today, and I am exhausted. I still want to continue learning, but I'm losing the motivation, which annoys-slash-saddens me. I've been absent twice for this level (one was because I went to the beach with friends, heh, and the other because of the interview) and I'm not confident that I've completely understood how and when to use preterito imperfecto in comparison with indefinido. And my confidence in my speaking abilities is supremely low; I seem to be stuttering more compared to my classmates. :( I think my listening skill is getting better, though because I have the attention span of a flea, I always have to concentrate 100% when my professor is talking, and when I start to not understand anything, my mind glazes over and goes "ehh, whatever".

So to cheer myself up, I watched some TV!

Gossip Girl 3x13 - 3x18Collapse )

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Vampire Diaries 1x17 - 1x18Collapse )

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Was that long or what?? :D


Why do you get the icky shivers whenever someone you don't particularly fancy flirts heavily with you? Like, 'eww, this is disgusting, I feel so wronged'? This guy's a friend from work, who, I admit, I have sort of flirted with before, but then we didn't see each other for a year and I got on with my life. And now out of the blue he starts sending me messages, and one time the subject of doing/being in gigs came up because he is/used to be in a band and I asked him if he's still in the scene, and he was like "no, but I could play for you privately if you want."

EWW X 1 BILLION! I told him "no thanks" but he's still keeping up with the overtures. I'm not good with the direct "sorry, I'm not interested" thing so I'm hoping the not replying will work.

To wash away the icky feeling, I will go watch a ton of Virtue/Moir videos because they are both so precious.


i don't play tricks

It's past 12 midnight here, so Happy April Fools' Day? It's never been a big thing here, so I almost always don't notice the significance of the date.

Anyway, I'm back in the big, bad city! I kept telling my mom and my cousin who lives there now about how despite all the pollution and traffic, I still prefer being in the city. I like relaxing, but I need stimulation the moment I get bored or tired of something. Back there, I had no television, lack of people to talk to, and it was cold and rainy which made me sluggish and lazy that even if I brought books and my laptop and DVDs, I couldn't be arsed to open them.

And I'm sorry -- you can call me a divabitch, but one thing that added to my dislike of the place was the bathrooms. We stayed at my mom's childhood home, which stayed the same when she was still a kid, so everything's old. And I like my bathroom's without those dark mildew or grime or whatever you call them in between the tiles. They cleaned them, but I'm just...no. So not unless they renovate that entire place, I am so not going back there.

That said, I've been back since Monday, but I had some catching up to do -- in tennis (Miami Masters!), the World Figure Skating Championships that I missed (honestly, the ones I cared the most to see were Virtue/Moir), various offline stuff, and of course, my Spanish class.

I started another level yesterday, which means a new class and a new teacher. This one seems like I'm going to enjoy the class more and understand what's being taught because she isn't against using both English and Filipino to explain stuff. Still have to find out my grade from the last class though; hopefully it's still high. And I hope I get chosen as a volunteer for Día del Libro!

Other than that, I've also tried catching up on television shows. I'm glad Vampire Diaries is back and still dishing great plot twists (I hope they don't run out of good stuff); Mercy...Veronica is still annoying me, but Sonia's storyline is making me cringe and wrenching my heart at the same time; I confess have seen the entire first season of 10 Things I Hate About You, and despite declaring my hate for the possible sacrilege they would do to it, I sort of enjoyed it and have seen the first episode of the second season. Oh, and I'm trying to play catch up on Criminal Minds, except I've only finished the first season. Spencer Reid is so adorable (yes, Matthew Gray Gubler is hot) and I love the whole team, there's not a single person I dislike so far. Aaaaannnd there's still White Collar and Spartacus and Lie To Me.

Another random thing -- I've had nothing but rice today. I've never had rice in a while, and now I feel a little...heavy? Disgusted at deviating from my diet? I think I ate too much.

And now I leave you with this! I've friended a couple of people lately, and some of you have been in my flist for a while but I've somehow missed a few deets here and there -- I'd love to get to know you all! Please fill it out? ♥ Taken from timeofyoursong with some edits.

Today was my last day of Spanish classes for level 4. I got on better with my classmates and I liked my teacher better, but I still prefer that she spoke a bit of English when explaining stuff. So after class, we went to have lunch at a pizza place (Shakey's if you want to know), and we were all in the midst of eating and talking when I felt like I was riding on a small boat and there was a huge wave. It was also like when you have a hangover and you feel all dizzy and want to throw up.

It took another second to realize it was freaking earthquake, and the thoughts that ran through my mind were -- should we take cover or go outside? Is this going to be the last thing I will remember, that I am having lunch with people that I didn't really like much before? And OMGOMGOMGOMG in between. So I was freaking out a little mentally, but physically, I remained in my seat waiting for what my companions were going to do.

Apparently, it was a 6.2 quake? Lasted for around...less than 20 seconds? I did not like that feeling. So I can imagine what those who had a 7+, 8+ Richter quakes felt.


I just finished packing though, because I'm going with my mum to her hometown in the province. It is...going to be so boring. There's no cable TV, no TV (!!!), no internet, and the songs they play are six months old and are local stuff, and my dad just told me off for thinking of wearing shorts.

I just thought of what my flist and my twitter!flist is going to look like when I come back. Also, I won't be able to follow the Miami Masters and the Worlds (figure skating championships)! :( But I will be bringing a lot of DVDs and a couple of books so I'll have something to do. I haven't been there for more than a decade, so I am also a little curious on what it looks like now.

Random -- I tried looking for the POTC: Curse of the Black Pearl soundtrack that isn't 192 kbps because the quality is crap, but there isn't one anywhere. :(

Have a good weekend, guys. ♥

just watched last week's skins

WHAT THE FUCK was that??

It was looking to be something beautiful, and Effy and Freddie nearly made me cry, and then that happens?!? Jamie Brittain, are you kidding me??! I know you've always been a kinda sucky writer, but WOW. That's just...what the hell.

In other stuff, it's now Thursday, and I can't wait for the weekend to start. I'm exhausted with all the waking up early. Seriously, it's getting a bit harder to want to continue to the next level because I'm just not having fun with this class/teacher.

Finished downloading the entire first season of White Collar and the 2010 Vancouver figure skating exhibition gala. WOOOO. I'll go watch the latter now, so I can get over the fuckery that I just saw.

ETA: Okay, that exhibition file sucked BECAUSE THERE'S NO STEPHANE LAMBIEL. I may have to download individually. PFT.


I'm tired, I can't wait for this week to end. And it's only Tuesday. Actually, I've been counting since yesterday. My body's just not used to sleeping early and/or waking up early in the morning yet. Plus, I'm just hating how our teacher gives us homework every day -- first was about what you do in the weekends, except since there's 14 of us in the class we didn't get to read all of our stuff so mine didn't get corrected (so what was the point of the homework?), second was to have a general opinion about the city, and now it was narrate the story shown in the pictures. Except again, we won't pass it and only some will get to read theirs. ANNOYING. I really prefer a smaller class, although it's nice that we get to hear her talk in Spanish. She's Ecuadorian so it's slower, and she refuses to speak in English, preferring to define stuff still using Spanish. It's harder and I wish she'd just say it in English so we can be done with it, but I can see the benefit.

Enough rambling about school. I can't wait for this level to end, which will be next week Thursday.

I still haven't seen last week's episode of Skins. I got spoiled by Kaya Scodelario (of all people) on Twitter. Now I can't bring myself to see it because someone dies and even if people seem to not like the character, I don't share the sentiments. I think I'll watch it before I head to bed.

At the moment, I've been trying to download White Collar and then I'll get Spartacus and probably Lie To Me next. What a TV junkie. You know, I'd really, really love to get on the Legend of Seeker bandwagon, but I keep remembering how Kahlan annoyed the heck out of me not even halfway past season one that I can't get back and finish that season. Also, I hear Gossip Girl is sucking hardcore. I planned to download last week's episode the moment it came out, but...yeah. Failed on that.

I keep downloading all these stuff instead of watching Kings. I've been putting off seeing that show since I got a pDVD because it seems so awesome, I know I'll feel really bad when it ends.

Tennis is happening in Indian Wells but I can't watch anything because of the time difference and because they're not doing live broadcasts. BLEH. :|

I'm sorry, I'm rambling. My brain is toast, but I wanted to vent and then be senseless about TV. :D♥

Oh, also -- if you roleplay, you should check out Once Upon A Dream which is over at insanejournal. It's fun, it's cool, and it's great. I'm too sleepy to elaborate (wow that rhymed) so please just head over there or [Bad username: http://ouadlines.insanejournal.com/]the lines community</a> because there's a lot of plot with other characters you can get yourself in to.

hey, it rained!

Here in the country, we're having the El Niño phenomenon, where basically it's drought season. It's only the beginning of March but it's already really hot (summer season here usually starts April) and the fields and fishponds are drying up, which makes me feel for the farmers because obviously, no crops/fish = no food/no money as they won't have anything to sell.

But when I woke up today at around past 10 AM it was pleasantly cool (I mean, compared to the past few days). It was raining! YAY! It lasted for two hours, although I'm not sure if it had been raining the entire morning. But now it has stopped and even it's a bit cloudy, it's getting a bit hot. Usually even when there's wind, it's like a hot-but-non-scalding version of standing in front of a hand/hair dryer.

Last night I met with my high school best friend Api, and he treated me to dinner and coffee. And of course we exchanged endless stories, mostly about our jobs and it was fun! We were at the mall until the coffee shop was 15 minutes away from closing. The mall itself and the shops were already closed, so when I got inside the mall so I could get to the parking lot, most of the lights were out and it was CREEPY. I'm too old to be scared of the dark, but whatever, I am.

So Api walked with me up to the exit doors to the parking lot and then we parted ways. I had to stop myself from hyperventilating when I walked in to the parking lot, because OMG IT WAS DARK. Like, this picture except there are no red lights or fluorescent lights on (save for those near the exit), and my car was the only one left. And it was a bit far from the doors, so I ran and wasted no time turning on the engine and driving off.

I was on the highest parking floor, and as I drove down to the exit, I was thankful to see that my car wasn't the only one left inside. There was another single car on the next floor, and a few others on the succeeding ones. But still, mine being the only one left on a floor with almost no lights on...recipe for a horror movie.

  • I was thinking of applying at a bookstore since I am getting a bit desperate with money, but thought against it. I can't figure out how to sell how a registered nurse like me quit her hospital job, is taking Spanish classes, and is now choosing to work in a bookstore with no previous experience working in retail.
  • I decided to go ahead and send an application at Global Xchange though. I'm not even sure if I'll get picked. I figure if I don't, then it means it wasn't meant for me.
  • Like I mentioned in my previous post, there's only 3 of us who continued with the Spanish classes. And I'm pleased-slash-relieved to know that my two other old classmates aren't enjoying it as well. I thought I was being weird.
  • I have new people on my flist! Hi guys! ♥♥ I should probably do some general 'about me and what you'll see here' post. And I remember I meant to organize my tags. I should get to that. Erm. *lazy*
  • I forgot to add -- I'm using Google Chrome right now. I think I prefer this over Firefox now. Firefox is just too heavy on my old system now, and it crashes randomly. But will continue to use it, exclusively for RP because of LJLogin.